We are a family business that blends and packages our own recipes of homemade mixes of dips and desserts.  We are one of the “originals” as we have been blending and crafting our mixes for over twenty years.  Roger and Sherry started the business when Roger decided to retire after many, many years at the same company. Sherry always loved crafts and Roger had a natural knack for blending yummy recipes. So, the Sherry’s Gourmet Dips and More business was born.


Their youngest daughter, Lorrie joined in the family fun about 18 years ago when her kids were young.  Roger and Sherry retired in 2016, and Lorrie and her girls are keeping the business going. Roger passed away in December of 2018.

If you go to any craft festivals in the southeast or even some in the mid-west, we are sure you have probably tasted and purchased some of our products.


We use dried herbs, seasonings, spices, and natural flavorings.  Our mixes can make dips, salad dressings, sandwich spreads, marinades, dry rubs, and so on. Our desserts can make “no bake” cheesecakes, bagel spreads, cake icing, cookie and fruit dip.  With over 40 to choose from, we have something pretty much everyone will like.  Customers love our products because we use no salt, MSG, or gluten in the mixing of these products so,  it works well with many diet restrictions.


We pride ourselves in quality and variety. We hope you enjoy our dips and they become part of your staple pantry items and events for years to come.  Thanks for visiting our page. We do over 40 events a year, and we hope to see you out at a festival or craft fair in the future.